Analytics is the answer to a multitude of questions hidden in the business information, to survey and discover from the findings and extract advanced analytics.

Cloud Based Analytics: A perfect mishmash of analytics solutions with cloud computing. Business organizations can utilize resources in the cloud with least investment as related to their IT infrastructure.

Self Service Analytics: An independent framework, in which the end users can independently, extract the data and create desired reports and queries with least help from the technical department.

Data Visualization: Through this mechanism, data can be represented in visually appealing formats. Our team has the experience to suggest best visual formats to put the business information in the right perspective. As rightly said, "A picture speaks 1000 words". More always, people understand data better through visualization / imagery than numbers in rows and columns.

Mobile Analytics:

Accessibility and availability are the keys for any successful analytics solution. With Mobile analytics, you can Author a dashboard once; view it anywhere, on any device. Mobile analytics platforms allow users to view and interact with dashboards in mobile web browsers or using native iPad and Android apps.


At Visam Technologies, we possess rich experience and expertise in delivering BI Analytics solutions using Tableau. Tableau holds capabilities that allows user to avail data connectivity, visualization and then create and share dashboards securely at a fast paced go. Being highly user friendly and easy to use, end users find it attractive to implement. Along with this, it also boasts of a powerful engine to serve the complex analytical problems.

Tableau suite of products to address the needs of all kinds of organizations:

► Tableau Desktop (Fast analytics for everyone) With Tableau Desktop you can explore and visualize any data in minutes.

► Tableau Server (Collaboration for any organization) Tableau Server is an online & mobile business intelligence solution.

► Tableau Online (Business intelligence in the cloud) Tableau Online is a hosted version of Tableau Server, no setup required.

Why Tableau?

► Effortless connectivity to any data source

► Enhanced data visualization

► Instant insight to information


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