Data Warehousing

An important process which focuses on blend of technological and business processes used to merge data from various data sources into significant information. It is a required procedure when data has to be copied from one place to another, data in multiple locations are to be merged, querying/handling of multiple databases, transfer of database technologies and many more. Our Key Capabilities are:

► Data Profiling
► Data Cleansing
► Integration of structured / unstructured data
► Data Merging, Migration & Replication
► ETL / ELT / ETLT Design and Development
► Data warehouse consultation, design and implementation
► Legacy and 3rd party interfaces

Modeling & Design

We have a skilled pool of expertise in Data Modeling, a significant primary step in this forte. Our Data Modeling services help build logical and physical models for complex data environments. Our expert consultants employ both tool based and manual methodologies to build data models. Our Key Capabilities are:

► E-R Modeling

► Semantic Modeling

► Star Schema Design

► Snowflake Schema Design


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