E-Commerce Solutions

Visam Technologies will deliver e-Commerce solutions on the power of the Oracle ATG Platform. Our experienced technology team develops strategies and solutions to leverage the capabilities of the platform and integrate it with other third party solutions, backend systems as well as provide a user experience that is innovative and accessible on any device.

The ever-changing demands of the global economy and the eCommerce landscape require technology solutions that can quickly adapt to changing business requirements and industry trends. Whether you are a start-up deploying an e-commerce solution for the first time or an established player expanding your existing solution to reach a wider audience, we can:

Our customer software development expertise includes:

► Help you select an optimum e-commerce platform so you get only what you need without wasting money on unnecessary functionalities.

► Implement an e-commerce solution that is fully in line with your overall business strategy.

► Ensure that your brand message is consistent regardless of the customer touch point, be it web, mobile, social media, print, or other media.

► Contextualize your product offerings for each individual visitor to boost sales and deepen customer engagement.

We follow a mature implementation methodology that features the following key aspects:

We follow a mature implementation methodology that features the following key aspects:

Domain: Our business and technology experts are fully aware that a retail e-commerce implementation is inherently different from a banking e-commerce implementation. Each project has unique needs and challenges and we are fully equipped to advise our clients regarding the best options for their specific needs.

Automation: We incorporate automation into almost all aspects of the implementation process -from development to release, environment validation and functional testing - to minimize errors and greatly reduce implementation time.

Training: We recognize the importance of having our customers come onboard and learn the ins and outs of the implementation. We spend time with our customer's business and technology teams to ensure that they are fully trained with the best practices of using the new platform.

Testing and Monitoring: We believe that a good implementation should have monitoring built in. Our accelerators can monitor systems, services and metrics to give our customers an accurate snapshot of the implementation at any given time. We test extensively throughout the whole implementation process to ensure that no errors are present so that customers can enjoy a seamless experience when the system is finally up and running.


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